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Aunt Bessie's and Guide Dogs

Aunt Bessie's and Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs is delighted to have Aunt Bessie's on board, as partnerships like these are vital to enable us to support people with sight loss to live actively, independently and well.
As part of our partnership, Aunt Bessie's is sponsoring guide dog puppy 'Bessie', and to mark her birth and pay tribute to the new partnership, Aunt Bessie's has created the UK's first ever limited edition Yorkshire pudding pet beds! 

Introducing Bessie

Born in January, golden retriever puppy Bessie has started her journey to become a life-changing guide for a person living with sight loss.

Bessie is currently living with a Guide Dogs volunteer Puppy Raiser who will care for and socialise her. Bessie will be taught basic commands and skills up to the age of approximately 12 months when she'll move on to her formal guide dog training.
Bessie loved her cosy Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pudding bed.

The Yorkshire pudding beds

Aunt Bessie's specially crafted the limited edition bed for Yorkshire pudding fans, designed to replicate an Aunt Bessie's Golden Yorkshire Pudding. This super-soft comfy bed is made from a faux fur fleece material and has a padded base and sides. 

The bed is an ideal size for puppies like Bessie, small-to-medium sized dogs and even cats!

We've sold out of these limited edition beds now, thank you for all of your support! 100% of proceeds were donated to support people with sight loss live the lives they choose. 

Aunt Bessie's launches Yorkshire pudding shaped dog bed for Guide Dogs | Guide Dogs

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